Bachata music enthusiasts gather to learn and perform Bachata dance. Held every Friday at Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center, Bachata lessons are divided into three levels: fundamental, sensual and pop, culminating with a showcase at the end of the third level.

  • When: Fridays
  • Audience: Ages 8 to 14
  • Time: 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm

  • When: Fridays
  • Audience: Ages 15 and Up
  • Time: 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Bachata Fundamentals: Level 1

January 8 to February 26

Bachata Fundamentals Class is designed for students to learn the fundamental elements and foundation of Bachata dancing. The main focus in this cycle is for the student to build a strong foundation in both footwork and partner-work, attain an authentic look and feel, develop and enhance the students leading and following techniques, as well as develop social dancing techniques and dance etiquette.

This class will help you gain a better understanding of everything that makes up Bachata including history, origins, culture, theory, tools and concepts to make you a versatile dancer.

Bachata Sensual: Level 2

March 4 to April 8

Bachata Sensual class is designed to teach you the hottest and latest moves and patterns.

The main focus is to build more footwork and partner work as well as leading and following techniques, while gaining an in-depth understanding of the evolution of bachata.

We focus on the musical timing of the bongo, bass, and lyrics. We take all these musical timing and master them to the point where you become more confident and versatile bachata dancers anywhere.

Requirements: Must have completed Level 1
Music speed – Medium.

Bachata Pop: Level 3

April 15 to May 20

Bachata Pop will challenges everyone to utilize their creativity and newly learned bachata skills

The main focus is to expand your knowledge of the various ways to dance bachata as seen in different regions of Dominican Republic.

We will also explore the structure of the music (timing & musicality) and ways to interpret all Bachata instruments bongo/guira, bass guitar, second guitar, primary guitar (requinto), vocals and much more.

Requirements: Must have successfully completed the last two levels with a firm understanding of dancing Bachata.

Bachata Choreography Class

May 27 to June 10

The Bachata choreography class is a 3-weeks course focused exclusively on the choreography for final performance

Requirements: Must have successfully completed all previous levels of the course.


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